Get a 100% Loan against your Vacant Plot / loan against plot

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Get a 100% Loan against your Vacant Plot / loan against plot ,Loan against vacant plot, Solution4Finance is the top leader in home loan and loan against property in Gurgaon/ Delhi / Noida / Faridabad / Ghaziabad region, there you can find multiple banks and NBFCs, We also provide loan from Govt. bank also (Loan against vacant plot- loan on Plot – loan against property in Faridabad) Best way for fill full your personal requirement loan against property.


Plot loan LTV and criteria

When it comes to financing a vacant plot, traditional home loans may not be applicable. In such cases, opting for a land loan is the appropriate choice. Unlike home loans that are designed for built properties, land loans cater specifically to the purchase of vacant plots. While the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for home loans can go up to 80-90%, the LTV ratio for land loans is typically lower. Depending on the lender and specific circumstances, you can expect to receive funding of up to 55% of the plot value, and in certain cases, it may go up to 65%. This means that if the value of the plot is, for instance, $100,000, the maximum loan amount you can expect to receive would be $55,000 to $65,000. It’s important to note that the LTV ratio is subject to variations depending on factors like the location of the plot, its size, and the borrower’s creditworthiness. Before proceeding with a land loan, it’s crucial to evaluate your financial standing and carefully consider the terms and conditions set by the lender. By opting for a land loan, you can secure the necessary funding to acquire a vacant plot and realize your plans for development or investment in the future.


Loan against plot

We considers all types of property like Approved plot, Unapproved plot rural area, New colonies, (Lal dora plot only MCG Area) Commercial and industrial plot, We provide loan on vacant plot with best rate of interest and minimum charges & Maximum funding up to 3Cr, We also doing loan on residential plot or commercial plot should be plot demarcation, You can say Plot boundary.

Interest rate

Lowest interest rate 8.95%, rate of interest depend on Property, Income & Loan amount, we try to offer best rate of interest according to property & income.


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