Tata Capital Home loan interest rate eligibility Calculator

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Tata Capital Home loan interest rate eligibility Calculator, When it comes to Tata Capital Home loan, borrowers can benefit from competitive interest rates that make homeownership more affordable. By using the eligibility calculator, individuals can assess their eligibility for a home loan and determine the maximum loan amount they can avail. This empowers borrowers to plan their finances, Home loan and lap tata capital housing Finance limited. Solution 4 Finance is the top leader in home loan and loan against property, We provide home loan best interest rate 9.50% May 2023, Tata capital housing finance limited the best home loan provider in regulated property’s cases in India,

Home Loans Interest Rate :-

  1. 👉PSL- UPTO 35 Lacs where property value is up to 45 Lacs ——- 9.50% (Minimum CIBIL score 750)
  2. 👉Normal Income Case- 8.50% to 9%
  3. 👉NANO- 10% to 10%
  4. 👉Banking- 10% to 9.75%
  5. 👉GST- 10%
  6. 👉GRP- 11.10% to 10.60%
  7. 👉Low LTV- 11.30% to 11.80%
  8. 👉AIP- 12.50% to 13.25%
We have the following products and their Minimum & Maximum threshold limits are mentioned alongside –

Loan Amount -Home Loans :-

  • 👉 Normal Income Prog: 5L – 300L
  • 👉 Banking Program: 10L – 200L
  • 👉 GST Program: 30L – 200L
  • 👉 Low LTV Prog : 10L – 75L
  • 👉 Gross Receipts: 20L – 300L
  • 👉 Nano: 5L – 30L
  • 👉 Assessed Income: 5L – 30L

Home Equity / LAP

  1. Normal Income Prog: 50L – 300L
  2.  Banking Program: 50L – 200L
  3. GST Program: 50L – 200L
  4. Low LTV Prog – 10L – 75L
  5. Gross Receipts- 50L – 300L
  6. Nano: NA
  7. Assessed Income : NA

Program/ Profiles Discontinued:-✖LIP

  1. LRD
  2. Developer Funding
  3. MTP ( Same as RTR Product)
  4. NRI + Merchant Navy.

Few Other things to notice while sourcing the case:

  1. ✔CIBIL Score needs to be 700✔Not more than 3 CIBIL enquiries in last 3 months excluding lockdown period.
  2. ✔Import / Export Contribution shouldn’t be more than 30% of Biz Income
  3. ✔Customer who have a availed moratorium – Not allowed to fund till Sept 2020
  4. ✔SOIP (Industrial Prop) is allowed.
  5. ✔Seller BT discontinued.
  6. ✔LAP to Salaried Profile is Discontinued.
  7. ✔Not more than 2 bounces in RTR in last 12 months and nil bounce in last 6 months ( Including Moratorium period)
  8. ✔Future Rental Income is discontinued.
  9. ✔Under Banking, we will now consider Daily AVG Balance.
  10. ✔Min. Seasoning of BT Loan to be ideally 15 Months
  11. ✔The Risk Categorization of Sectors/Products/Services/Business have been done under 3 Categories.

Contact for More Advantage of Home loan:-

When it comes to home loans, Tata Capital stands out as a trusted financial institution offering competitive interest rates and convenient eligibility calculation. With their home loan eligibility calculator, prospective borrowers can easily assess their eligibility based on factors like income, employment, and credit history. This powerful tool provides valuable insights into the loan amount one can avail and helps in planning their finances accordingly. Tata Capital’s commitment to providing affordable home loan solutions combined with the convenience of an online eligibility calculator makes them an ideal choice for those looking to fulfill their homeownership dreams. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to refinance an existing loan, Tata Capital’s home loan offerings and user-friendly eligibility calculator can simplify the process and empower you to make informed decisions for your home financing needs. Trust in Tata Capital and let Solution4Finance pave the way to your dream home.

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